Freshwater Consumption Megalitre

Using Less and Less

BlueScope Steel’s major production facilities have traditionally been large consumers of water which is used in both the production and processing of steel.

In many of the areas in which we operate, water shortages and water quality are significant issues for communities. We continue to pursue strategies to reduce fresh water consumption and increase the use of recycled water, where possible.

Our Port Kembla and Western Port operations have extensive water reduction and recycling programs in place, which have resulted in a significant reduction in both fresh water consumption and fresh water intensity (kilolitres per tonne of raw steel produced) in recent years.

These strategies are also being implemented at our new facilities in Asia.

BlueScope Water

Freshwater Consumption Kilolitres

Our water conservation efforts are complemented by our BlueScope Water business which serves the growing Australian and international market for efficient rainwater harvesting tanks and systems, and agricultural irrigation pipelines.

BlueScope Water has manufacturing and retail capabilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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