New Zealand

Protecting Our Communities

Right: Bill Jacob, President New Zealand Steel, welcomes George Stephens, Community Development Fire Safety Officer and Cliff Mears, Assistant Regional Manager, Fire Safety/Training from the Auckland Fire Region to New Zealand Steel.

Below: Fireman from Auckland Fire Region uses the mobile display to demonstrate fire dangers and provides advice on fire fighting.


In New Zealand, 33 per cent of all fires start in household kitchens. The majority are as a result of someone putting something on the stove and then leaving it to cook unattended. The message is clear "Keep Looking While You're Cooking."

To help reduce the number and effect of household fires, New Zealand Steel sponsored a mobile safety fire unit. Fire safety officers from the Auckland Fire Region use the display to demonstrate the dangers of kitchen fires and give advice on safely extinguishing a fire. The unit is used throughout schools, at open days, and special community events.

George Stephens, Community Development Fire Safety Officer, congratulates New Zealand Steel for their generous support in raising Community awareness for injury prevention. They also thank staff from New Zealand Steel and the volunteers from the Waiuku Fire Service for their generous support and effort towards this project.

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